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Network Roll Out

Posted in Network, Telecom on Wednesday, 02 October 2013.

Talk Nepaloffers an extensive suite of Network roll out services that underpins each eliminate of the roll process. The offerings incorporate Active and in addition Passive Infrastructure Services for Wireline & Wireless Domain incorporating GSM, CDMA, Microwave Transmission, Optical Transmission, Wimax and Broadband Networks.

Talk Nepal's Network roll out services empower clients to roll out their systems effectively and profit clients with a shorter opportunity to market, in this manner enhancing gainfulness and augmenting their ventures into innovation.

With experience from a few ventures as far and wide as possible, Talk Nepalhas a demonstrated track record of convenient and solid move outs to client fulfillment. Our multi-talented specialists and experts joined together with our accessible methodologies and procedures make turnkey results by supervising, incorporating, introducing and testing the client's multi-merchant network.

  • Site Survey
  • Structural Analysis
  • Soil Investigation

Quality Assurance

Posted in Telecom, Quality on Wednesday, 02 October 2013.

We have established Quality Management System in our company based on international standard as the base line. The management of Talk Nepal has issued and implemented following Quality Policy, which defines the company’s objective for quality and its commitment to quality.

Quality Policy: Customer’s satisfaction by providing Quality services through

  • Timely response to Customer’s requirements
  • Continuous improvement
  • Proper Communication & information sharing
  • Adopt the best practices of Talk Nepal.

Talk Nepal management is committed to the integration of quality principles into our management systems. We have established a clear quality and embedded it in our business. Talk Nepal has developed various unique processes and Quality Procedures that produce quality and safety in our services that meet customer needs. All are functions are continuously analyzed and refined with ongoing improvements in the areas of delivery improvement, quality cost that ultimately benefits all our customers.

We have achieved performance certificate from our customer for handling major portion of Nepal FLM on month basis supported by strong technical and management skills.