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Fuel and Generator Management

Posted in Energy, Installation on Saturday, 31 March 2012.

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It is important to realize that the Generators are Vital secondary source of power generation after Grid Main Power  and at times it is even the primary source of power on prime locations and sites on remote areas. Due to the heavy and continuous load shedding, it is tough for operators to keep their generators up and running durring the load shedding hours. To have the diesel generators on standby and functional, there must be enough fuel available in tanks. Fuel, without quetion is a very expensive asset and in telecom operations and accounts for at least 35-45 % of the operational cost. There are many loopholes in fuel filling and consumption that can incure a huge cost for operator.

Fuel Management Systems are deployed to Monitor, control and maintain fuel available in stock and to prevent fuel pilferage in any industry where the fluid fuel is involved, for instance, transportation, gas and oil, telecom industry etc...

Talk Nepal offers a  complete Fuel and Generator management solution for remote sites to the number of industries, however Talk Nepal focus on Telecom Industry. From reporting of fuel current level, pilferage, addition to fuel, generator remote start/stop, generation run hours and overhauling schedules etc.. Our Fuel and Generator management solution does it all.

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  • John Doe

    John Doe

    31 March 2012 at 15:32 |
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    Super User

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    Jane Doe

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